How to Make a Movie File From A Sequence of Frames

From a Windows PC:

There are several ways to make a movie from an image sequence.  Adobe After Effects is made for that kind of thing.  It is expensive though.  Here are a couple of links describing how to do it with other Windows and Linux tools.

From a Mac:

Using Quicktime Player 7

Quicktime Player 7 is the older version of Quicktime Player for Mac.  It has more capabilities than the dumbed-down current version.  Your computer probably already has it -- look in your ‘Utilities’ folder.  You can get to the Utilities folder from the Finder by using the ‘Go’ menu at the top of the screen.

1 Open Quicktime Player 7.

   If you don’t have Quicktime Player 7, you can download it for free.

2 Select ‘Open Image Sequence’

     from theFile Menu.

3 Locate the exported frames in your Dropbox folder or in the ‘_movie_export’ folder you saved from iTunes in the steps above. Click ‘Open’.

4 Find the first frame in the sequence, usually ‘frame0000.png’.  Click ‘Open’.

5 Choose a frame rate for your movie. usually the same rate you chose when exporting.

6 Voila!  There’s your movie.  You can now use the File menu options ‘Save As’, ‘Export’, or ‘Export for Web’ to save the movie in a format of your choice.

(I am not sure but you may have to pay for Quicktime Pro to be able to export in multiple formats).