Inchworm Animation,

available exclusively on

Nintendo DSiWare™

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Inchworm Animation © 2011 Flat Black Films, Inc.

- create multi-layer flipbook animations

  1. -variable-thickness antialiased brushes

- use the camera for stop-motion & time lapse

- rotoscope by tracing on top of camera footage

  1. -different layers can have different frame lengths

  2. -circles, rectangles and polygons (w/ border)

  3. -translucent color and pattern fill

  4. -custom palette storage

  5. -pattern editor

  6. -individual animation frame timing

  7. -onionskin

  8. -6 levels of zoom

- export to SD card (SWF, BMP sequence)

  1. -work on images up to 9999 x 9999 pixels

  2. -cut/paste to clipboard

  3. -rescale clipboard images

  4. -flip and 90-degree rotate

  5. -undo


Inchworm Animation™ is the new handheld animation system from Flat Black Films.  Designed exclusively for the Nintendo DSi™ system, it offers unprecedented animation power at your fingertips.

Five years in development, little Inchworm is finally crossing the finish line!

Click here to see some Inchworm Animation™ movies in action.

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